Friday, September 6, 2013

First Ride: Race Face Atlas from

Here's a first impression review of the Race Face Atlas Mountain Bike Handlebars from

By: Krista Gray of and San Jose Mountain Biking.

After a couple years of riding my hardtail mountain bike and taking it down steeper and steeper terrain, I finally decided a wider bar was needed. Not knowing much about all the available options out there, I turned to to check their recommendations- plenty of choices on their site, with use descriptions to help a newbie bar-shopper like me.  Loving the anodized colors I instantly gravitated toward the pink to match my flat pedals-awesome!  I should probably be building a downhill bike at this point but upgrading a current bike is fun and gratifying- not to mention easy on the wallet.  Each time I upgrade something on my bike I love it even more. Adding 4 inches to the width of my bars definitely has made my riding more comfortable and enjoyable- I’ve ridden Santa Cruz, California and Roseburg, Oregon with them so far and have no complaints- plenty of downhill and trail riding and these bars are reliable and comfortable. I’m really happy with them- they look great on my bike too. Thanks for the recommendation!


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